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This page is out of date.

NUnit is a testing framework for all .NET languages. It's Open Source software, using the zlib/libpng license. Here's a screenshot of the NUnit gui interface...

I joined the NUnit team in 2002, in time to help complete the 2.0 release. This was the release that first made use of custom attributes for identification of tests. Since then, I've been heavily involved, first working in the gui and more recently in the core - the part of NUnit that actually runs tests.

NUnit Cookbook

I'm working on a book about NUnit. My working title is The NUnit Cookbook, but that could change.

NUnit Extras

NUnit does a lot, but it can't do everything. NUnit Extras are little programs, stylesheets and macros that work with NUnit to provide some extra bit of functionality.

More Info

The NUnit.org site has documentation and downloads. Downloads are also avaiable the project page on SourceForge.

The NUnit.com site, currently under development, will provide blogs, articles, additional software and other NUnit resources.