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Extreme Programming

This page is out of date.

Seattle XP Group

I'm now hosting the wiki for the Seattle XP user group.

Unit Testing Frameworks

I'm one of the developers of the NUnit open source test framework. NUnit 2.1 is almost ready to be released and has some nice features. All tests are now run in a separate thread and you can load tests from multiple assemblies at one time.

My VSUnit Project is an attempt to get NUnit working as an AddIn to Visual Studio. I did a spike to see if it could be done with this screenshot as the result.

Here are some articles on the development of a wizard that generates test fixtures for NUnit.

Test First Development

Here are my solutions to William Wake's Test-first Challenge.

Adopting XP

Here is My wiki page describing a ThreeWeekProjectTurnaround using XP practices. At XP2002 I presented an experience paper describing the same project with a bit more hindsight.