Charlie Poole

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Retired and no longer seeking long-term assignments. Sometimes available for short-term project interventions, training sessions or speaking engagements on a case by case basis. Online only at this time. Contact me by email.

Summary of Qualifications

Software Development. Over 40 years designing and developing software, combined with up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies.

Agile Methodologies. Experienced in the use of Agile approaches, including Extreme Programming, Test-Driven Development and Scrum. Certified ScrumMaster.

Architecture and Design. Experienced in object-oriented design and programming, architectural patterns and component infrastructure.

Leadership. Hands-on team leader, mentor and coach with a record of success in making projects work using the skills of existing staff.

Training. Experienced trainer in both classroom and on-the-job settings. Provide custom training to help introduce new processes or technologies.

Business Areas. Developed systems for: customer information and billing, e-business, real-time data collection and device control, medical telemetry, engineering analysis, graphics and image processing, report distribution, financial analysis, management reporting, simulation models.

Technical expertise

Broad language background. C, C++, C#, J#, Visual Basic or assembly language.

Windows .NET development. Windows and Web Forms, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web services. Remoting, interop, custom controls, VS.NET wizards and add-ins

Other Microsoft technologies. Windows API, MFC, ATL, RPC, COM, DCOM, COM+, ActiveX controls, MAPI, IIS, ISAPI, custom UI, device integration.

Database. Design and implementation, SQL, ODBC, OLEDB, ADO, ADO.NET.

Web technologies. HTML, CSS, CGI, PHP, ASP, XML, SOAP, VBScript, JavaScript.

Internationalization. Best code practices and project planning. MBCS, Unicode, localization, IMEs, multilingual text layout and input.

Legacy experience. IBM, DEC, CDC. CICS, PLI, Cobol, Fortran. Application and data conversion. Front end development and cross-platform integration.

Summary of work history

Developer / Consultant, Poole Consulting L.L.C.

(since 1995)

Independent assignments for various clients, including Microsoft, medical device companies, financial institutions and government agencies. Selected project details are listed below.

Conduct in-house and public workshops and training seminars: Extreme Programming, Test-Driven Development, Agile Development, .NET Development, Design Patterns, "Communicating with Tests" seminar.

Mentor, Exoftware Inc.


Provide mentoring, coaching, training and other support for Exoftware clients introducing agile methods. Exoftware is a Dublin-based company providing agile enablement services in European markets.

Instructor, Shoreline Community College


Teach classes in operating system architecture and C++ programming.

Principal Systems Analyst, Seattle Water Department


Worked in various roles: programming, systems analysis and design, project management, internal consulting, technology planning, programmer training, computer operations manager, development manager and information systems manager.

Selected projects

(since 2002)

Application: An open-source testing framework for .NET.

Technology: Windows Forms, C#, .NET remoting, reflection, custom controls, multi-threading, XML, Visual Studio extensions.

Contribution: Redesigned GUI layer using independently functioning controls communicating with an independent test thread. Multiple-assembly test feature. Wizard to generate tests for each method of a class. Extensibility mechanism to allow creation of user plug-ins.

Siemens (multiple projects)


Application: Telecommunications, medical.

Technology: C#, C++, Java, Windows Forms, COM

Contribution: Training in Agile techniques, primarily TDD.

Centaur Communications Ltd.


Application: Content management system used by this publishing firm to provide individual web sites for various publications.

Technology: C#, Asp.NET

Contribution: Coached and trained the team during an 11 week transitional period leading to a corporate reorganization. Introduced or re-vitalized all of the XP practices and led team in establishing and taking ownership of their own interrnal process.

State of New Mexico, Office of the State Engineer


Application: Application for tracking water rights in the state of New Mexico.

Technology: Java, JSP, J2EE

Contribution: Coaching and training to introduce unit-testing techniques using JWebUnit and acceptance testing using FIT. This asignment was combined with coaching and teaching in the Software Apprentice program, established at New Mexico Highlands University by Dr. David West.

Calypso Medical Technologies


Application: Software for a medical device providing real-time localization of treatment centers in the area of cancer therapy.

Technology: C#, C++, Windows Forms, .NET remoting, reflection, multi-threading.

Contribution: Introduced unit-testing techniques using NUnit to the development team. Developed continuous integration, test reporting and test Code generation using Visual Studio addin technology. Designed and developed system integration testing framework based on FIT. Conducted training.



Application: Community Starter Kit, a "best practices" web site sample.

Technology: ASP.NET, C#, J#, VB.NET, SQL Server, custom web forms, specialized HTTP handlers for content generation.

Contribution: Implemented the J# version of this ASP.NET application.

Quinton Medical Instruments


Application: QTEL, a medical application that remotely monitors ECG waveforms of patients in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation clinics.

Technology: C++, VB, COM, DCOM, SQL Server, custom wireless collection device.

Contribution: Redesigned components to work remotely. Developed event-publishing mechanism to monitor and report on up to 12 patients per workstation. Developed error-handling mechanism to trap and identify the source of errors in legacy code.

Introduced agile methods to this slipping project and produced the first working version of the product three weeks after becoming the interim manager.



Application: A web-based payment processing system for a startup company.

Technology: SQL Server database, ASP, VB and VBScript.

Contribution: Modified database structure and developed payment processing logic.



Application: A web-based office productivity product. (NDA requirements apply)

Technology: C++, COM, DCOM, ActiveX controls, XML, image-processing.

Contribution: Developed objects (DXTransforms) to perform photographic image-processing functions over the Internet.



Application: Picture It!, a photographic image-processing application for the home user.

Technology: Windows API, COM, C++, MFC, ATL, image-processing.

Contribution: Over a series of engagements, developed programs for image-processing and cataloging, Internet communications and other tasks including:

Design and implementation of the error display mechanism for the application.

Central image file handling, custom controls, shell namespace extension for digital cameras and an Office import filter.

Independent review of alternatives for image cataloging, involving multiple product groups. Implementation of all cataloging functions.

Text and font handling modifications to deal with images annotated in various languages. Internationalization and localization.

Education and training

Education: BS, MA, selected MBA courses. Speak and write French.

Training: Internationalization, COM and Com+, Windows DNA Design, Windows 2000, Microsoft .Net architecture, C# development, advanced C++ topics, training techniques.

Conferences: Windev, "The C++ Seminar", XP2002, XP2003, XP2004, OOPSLA, XP/Agile Universe, Scrum Gathering.


Professional: ACM, Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, Seattle XP User Group (President), NW C++ Users Group,, South Sound .NET Users Group.

Community: French-American Chamber of Commerce, North Kitsap School District Capital Facilities Advisory Committee, Spectrum Community School Human Rights Board, Island Connections.