I'm putting this site back online after a hiatus. It was not updated for many years and has been offline for a while due to server issues. What's here is rather out of date, but I'll be working to update it in the coming months.

I'm an independent software developer, trainer and coach working primarily in the Northwest. I've been developing software for almost 30 years and I'm still not bored! If you like, you can read my informal bio or take a look at my resume. This is my professional and technical site and is mostly aimed at at fellow developers. I hope to make it a useful resource to others, so please contact me if you have suggestions.

What's Here?

Recent years have seen the growth of the Agile Movement and various agile methodologies. I use both Extreme Programming and Scrum in my own work.

I'm heavily into test-driven development and I'm one of the developers of the NUnit unit-testing framework. The NUnit Cookbook is my book-in-process on NUnit.

In recent years, my technical focus has been on the .Net environment. I do most of programming for .NET in C#. Before .NET, I was primarily a C++ programmer, and still work with it when I can.

Visit my other sites...

NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. The NUnit.org site has documentation and downloads. Downloads are also avaiable from the project page on Launchpad.