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Christmas Eve 1997

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Here we are all together for Christmas eve at John and Kim's house. From left to right, we have Michael, Phyllis, Marie, John, Kyle, Kim and Beverly. Charlie is behind the camera, so you just have to imagine him.

Charlie and Phyllis had been in Florida until the 22nd and were in no shape to be hosts this year. John and Kim volunteered to have us all over and did a really great job. We had a wonderful roast beef dinner and enjoyed opening presents around the tree.

It was pretty unusual for us to be guests for a holiday rather than hosts. We find we like it this new benefit of getting older - or of our children's getting older. Hopefully, a new Christmas tradition has been born.

Of course, for the kids, it was all about opening presents! And there were lots! Here, Beverly looks pretty happy about something she has just opened.

Kyle also seems to like whatever toy he is playing with here. But the main expression on his face is one of intense concentration - a pretty common one for him.

Although he was generally very happy with the day, one exception occurred when he opened a little package that Charlie gave him. A Book! What kind of present is that?

Oh well, I'll have to choose something more sensible next time.

Best of all was for all of us to be together enjoying our family in the spirit of Christmas.

Here's hoping everyone else had an equally happy time for the holidays and that you are off to a good start for the New Year. I've never been a great fan of newsletters which often do little more than brag. However, this seemed to be an easy way to send something to lots of my friends and family this year.

January, 1998