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Poole Family Walking Tour

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I was having difficulty visualizing the many places the Poole family lived from the time my grandfather William arrived from Ireland till they ended up on 115th Street in Richmond Hill. It occurred to me that I'd like to walk around those neighborhoods if I could. I may be able to do that some time, but for now only a virtual walk is possible.

The walk starts at 73 Schenectady Avenue, where William Poole and Mary Head both lived (separately) in 1892, shortly after he arrived in New York from Ireland. It proceeds to each address where the family lived over the years, finally arriving at 8782 115th Street, Richmond Hill, the address I knew as a child.

Here are all the addresses in one place for reference...

  • 73 Schenectady Avenue
  • 452 16th Street
  • 1728 Pacific Street
  • 53 Georgia Avenue
  • 98 Truxton Street
  • 174 Hull Street
  • 29 Euclid Avenue
  • 257 128th Street (I believe this is synonymous with the next address)
  • 8479 127th Street
  • 8782 115th Street

This covers about a century in the life of the Poole family. But according to Google Maps, the walk will only take about five hours. That's if you do it for real, of course. Doing it online like this is lots easier!