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Sylvia and Family

Sylvia's memory loss was especially painful to see because she was completely aware of it. She knew that something was wrong and continually asked questions about what she had forgotten.

During the period of Phyllis' Alzheimer's diagnosis, we had been part of a memory loss group. We had learned a lot and thought we knew a way to help her. We went to a local copy shop and produced a memory book using photos on my laptop. It's a short picture book of only 16 pages but it has pictures of all the family members who were in town and able to visit her visiting her. We selected as many photos as possible so that she could see herself in them along with her loved ones. The book served her as a sort of second memory for a number of weeks.

Our "print run" was only three copies, one of which we still have today. We would encourage anyone with a family member in the same situation to consider this approach. For inspiration, feel free to download a copy.